Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a charge for Fox Pointe events in 2021? Expand

A: All Wednesday Night Concert Series events hosted at the venue in 2021 will include FREE admission. Multi-day weekend Fests may include a fee and will vary based on the size and scope of the event. There may be a nominal charge for certain other events being sponsored or conducted by other organizations.

Q: Is there a parking charge for Fox Pointe events? Expand

A: All Fox Pointe event parking in 2021 is free and is available in multiple municipal lots located in areas immediately surrounding Fox Pointe. Please visit https://foxpointe.org/parking/ for a detailed map of available municipal parking in the Fox Pointe area.

Q: How do I enter and exit Fox Pointe? Expand

A: Beginning in 2021, all entrance to Fox Pointe will be through the main gate located at the southeast corner of the venue (at the intersection of Lake St. and Henry St.). All guests will be screened via metal detectors and bags will be checked by Fox Pointe staff and/or Fox Pointe security. At the conclusion of Fox Pointe events, multiple gates will be opened to allow guests to exit in a timely fashion.

Q: Can I bring lawn chairs to Fox Pointe? Expand

A: YES. Lawn chairs and blankets are highly encouraged, as Fox Pointe is a lawn-seating venue only. Patrons can also enjoy events by sitting at picnic tables around and under the pavilion area.

Q: Can I bring in outside food and beverages? Expand

A: NO. Outside coolers or containers with food or beverages of any kind are not allowed in Fox Pointe. This will be strictly enforced.

Q: Is alcohol sold at Fox Pointe? Expand

A: YES. Alcohol will be for sale during Fox Pointe events. Proof of legal drinking age will be strictly enforced and must be established before any beverage purchase.  Only patrons wearing the approved ID bracelet will be allowed to purchase alcoholic beverages. All alcoholic beverages must be consumed or disposed of before leaving the Fox Pointe premises.  There will be no exceptions to these rules.

Q: How do I purchase alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages? Expand

A: Starting in 2021, payment for all beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) can be made via cash or credit at the primary concession stand area. Portable beverage kiosks will also be available throughout the venue but will accept credit or debit cards only. NO CASH will be accepted at these portable drink stations.

Q: Will food be available at Fox Pointe? Expand

A: YES. New in 2021 will be an addition to the concession stand area where the official Fox Pointe caterer will prepare items from a pre-determined menu. Local food vendors may also be on hand at certain 2021 Fox Pointe events with an additional variety of menu items for Fox Pointe patrons. These additional items are to be purchased directly from the vendors on site.

Q: What forms of payment are accepted for concession items at Fox Pointe? Expand

A: Patrons of Fox Pointe may purchase all forms of food and beverages via cash or electronic payment at our primary concession stand. Any portable food or drink stations located throughout the venue will accept credit or debit only.

Q: Where can I find out more information about Fox Pointe? Expand

A: Please visit the Fox Pointe web site at foxpointe.org for more details on upcoming events and other information about the venue. Visitors can also follow us on Facebook at @foxpointelansing or on Twitter at @foxpointeevents

Q: Are there washrooms at Fox Pointe? Expand

A: YES. Public bathrooms are located in the building furthest south within Fox Pointe. Certain events during the season may require additional portable washrooms.

Q: Can I bring pets to Fox Pointe? Expand

A: NO. Pets are not allowed on the Fox Pointe grounds.

Q: Is smoking allowed at Fox Pointe? Expand

A: NO. Smoking is not allowed inside the facility. Designated smoking areas and disposal containers will be available outside certain exits at Fox Pointe.

Q: Is security provided at Fox Pointe events? Expand

A: YES. Security is provided for all Fox Pointe events. Fox Pointe team members are also present at all events to assist patrons with any needs. 

Q: Is first aid available? Expand

A: YES. A first aid station is located across Randolph St. (NE corner of venue) during Fox Pointe events. Emergency personnel will be on hand to administer any necessary assistance.

Q: Is Fox Pointe available for private events? Expand

A: YES. Fox Pointe is available to be privately rented out by companies, organizations or individuals who comply with established facility fees, guidelines and policies. Those with interest should contact Fox Pointe Director Tony Troncozo by calling (708) 895-7204 or emailing him at ttroncozo@villageoflansing.org

Q: Is there an ATM station at Fox Pointe? Expand

A: Yes. New in 2021 will be the addition of an ATM machine at the southeast corner of the venue.