About Fox Pointe

Fox Pointe's History

Fox Pointe was created to be the PREMIER outdoor venue in the south suburbs of Chicago.  Located at 18138 Henry Street, Lansing, IL, the Village of Lansing hosted a grand opening event in late September 2018 for the new multi-million-dollar entertainment center.  More than a music venue, Fox Pointe is already being viewed as a regional attraction, and anticipation is high as thousands of people will gather from near and far to take in the variety of events booked at the amphitheater.


As a $5 million dollar project, Fox Pointe was first discussed as a “grand civic space” in 2014 as part of the Village of Lansing’s comprehensive plan. Construction began in June of 2017. The downtown venue includes an outdoor amphitheater, an open-air pavilion, a concessions building, and climate-controlled bathrooms. The pavilion can accommodate 300+ people, while the amphitheater seats over 2,000 in a lawn-type setting.

“It’s probably the most significant investment the Village has made in redeveloping a piece of our own property for the benefit of our residents and what we hope will be increased attraction to businesses in our downtown area,” said Village Administrator Dan Podgorski.

The Village recognizes that the purpose of having a venue like Fox Pointe is to host a variety of events, not just music concerts. The goal is to achieve a steady stream of activities at Fox Pointe. To that end, a Fox Pointe Director with over 30 years in the entertainment industry was hired, leading to a slew of events now scheduled for 2019 and beyond.

Fox Pointe will build a sense of community through events. We believe in embracing talent, including the musicians, architects, staff, artists and sponsors. Fox Pointe is more than just another music venue: it has state-of-the-art amenities including acoustics, climate-controlled and family-friendly restrooms, a top-notch concession area, and staff members dedicated to making your event a success!

village of lansing screencap
fox pointe aerial